How Did i find memory leak on Cisco BWG – BugIdCSCta09049

It was starting as a regular day testing a new release of cisco BWG for the production,
c7svcsami-w1ik9s-mz.124-24.YG3.bin  , after few tests in the LAB testing to be sure  main components
such Handoff, Hotlining, Accounting are working fine      we  upgraded the production enviorment
everything was  working fine, but when opening the Cacti i noticed that till the memory Usage on Processor 3 on the SAMI card 
Keep growing, it looks like there is a process that allocate memory and does not release it,

So basicly in Cacti i am monitoring the following aspects, Basestations, Flows,Memory, CPU utilization

The Cacti is an Open source project that collects major indicators from router such, and Traffic on the GigabitEthernet 0/0
So after 10 minutes of being shocked in front of the monitor, starting to investigate

Starting with linux script that run on the cronjob that periodicly execute the following commands from the IOS

show proc mem sort
show mem sum
sh mem pro allocating-process totals
oh and it seems CISCO are so c00l,  they  have a leaks detector built in the IOS
So i started to read about it

(  )

show memory debug leak chunks
then wait and try
show memory debug incremental leaks

Here is another usefull link for troubleshooting Memory problem ( )

at the end together with cisco support enginner we identify that YG3 version has a memory leak since it
is actualy IOS image based on 12.T,

therefore had to disable CEF by running the command

no ip cef optimize neighbor resolution

Well this is the current workaround,  BWG declared as End-Of-Life , so far there is no maintenance release that
contain a fix for this bug, only the option of disabling CEF ;(


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  1. [...] using the Cisco BWG as the ASN gateway in their WiMAX networks, Juda Barnes has discovered that the BWG 2.0 software suffers from a memory leak related to CEF. This memory leak is detailed in Cisco Bug CSCta09049. Unfortunately, since the Cisco BWG software [...]

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